Posted by: Female Perspective | December 2, 2010

Celebrity Digital Deaths

Yesterday, over a dozen celebrities went silent on their Twitter and Facebook accounts all for one cause: the aids crisis.  Their friend Alicia Keys asked them to join her in not participating in digital media until $1 million dollars was raised for the aids crisis in Africa and India.  A lot of times I don’t agree with the way that celebrities use their fame, but this is not one of those times.  Celebrities like Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake, Usher and Kim Kardashian who are notorious Twitters had pledged to stay off Twitter until the money has been raised; therefore, they are leaving their millions of fan in the dark until then. 

I think the whole concept of a digital death is not only creative but impacting.  The photos of some of the worlds favorite celebrities in coffins almost brings a reality to the aids crisis that most of us our not touched by.  I encourage everyone to donate to the cause not just so Justin Timberlake will start tweeting again, but to help a part of the world that is desperately suffering.  If you cannot donate, I ask that you still make people aware of the campaign and repost this video on your Twitters and Facebook.



  1. When I first heard of celebrities going silent on Twitter for a good cause I thought it was brilliant. Its just another creative way people are using social media to their advantage to help those in need.

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