Posted by: Female Perspective | December 2, 2010

Awkward Twitter Moment

One of my favorite things about Twitter is the ease at which it allows me to keep up to date with my family and friends.  With one quick scan of the page, I can see that my Dad loved the episode of Psych last night and my cousins are arguing about who is the most prominent young quarterback in the NFL.  It makes me feel like even though I am thousands of miles away that I am still connected with the people who I love.  However, it does make me feel a little uncomfortable when I read someones Twitter that seems a little too personal.  I am  not talking about the Tweets where people tell you that pee for two minutes straight, but the ones that deal with a more emotional intimacy.  I don’t want to know that your boyfriend made you cry last night or that you feel like your parents just don’t understand you.  If we are good enough friends, of course I would sit down and talk with you if you are having a rough day, but why do you have to announce on Twitter?  What makes people think that it is ok to air those type of personal issues on the World Wide Web?  Some people say that it is cathartic for them to talk vent through Twitter, but for me it just makes me uncomfortable and feel like I am sharing way to much.  Especially if you don’t know the person that well and happen to see them somewhere the next day, it can be really awkward because you know more than the average acquaintance does about that person’s life.   Anyways, I just ask people to consider that maybe they don’t need to tweet everything and just be a little more selective with what they share with the world.


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