Posted by: Female Perspective | December 2, 2010

A Royal Engagement

Recently American’s have become all fascinated over the engagement of Prince William and his lady love, Kate Middleton.  The entire world is fascinated by their romance and is itching for the details of their wedding day.  I have to admit that I went on YouTube and watched the interview with the two them just because I wanted to see how they interact and to know how he proposed, but then it got me thinking.  Why are Americans or the rest world so interested in the marriage of England’s future king? What about their relationship makes us so interested?  I have heard that Americans like the story because it is the monarch thing.  We don’t have princes and princess here so we miss out on the “fairy tale”, but what about the countries? 

The rise of Kate Middleton also makes the world think of another beloved princess: Princess Diana.   When Diana died, the world mourned; however, before that Diana was hounded by the media.  They dug into every aspect of her life and demanded that they know all.  Is the media going to take the same approach with Kate or have they learned their lesson?  I guess only time will tell, but one thing is for sure the world is going to be watching.



  1. I can not deny that I am fascinated with the relationship as well. I think you hit it on the nose when you talked about the world missing out on the “fairy tale.” In general I believe the public is fascinated with public figures because that have become so easily accessible through the media.

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