Posted by: Female Perspective | November 13, 2010

TOW: Blog Stats

The stats of your blog can tell you a variety of different things.  It tells you how many people are looking at your blog, what entries they are visiting, and even how they found your posts.  Blog stats are almost like doing market research.  Your stats can help you to better understand your audience and what they want from your blog.  For example, if you looked at my blog stats you would probably find that more women visit my page than men.  This is to be expected since my site is geared towards women; however, it also helps me to see the type of posts that they are reading so that in the future I can target my posts around the subjects that readers seem to respond to more. 

Your blog stats can also help your track how people are getting to your page.  There is a section that allows you to see if anybody has referred people to your site or mentioned you in their own blogs.  This can help a blogger to figure out if the way that they are advertising their page is working or not.  It can also give you a better idea of the type of people who are interested in looking at your blog. 

To the public relations profession, blog stats can be a priceless asset.  For the most part, if they are writing a blog it is to sell something.  In many cases it is to simply sell themselves, but a lot of times a blog can be used to keep up a company’s reputation.  By using the blog stats,  a professional can get a better understanding of their or their company’s audience.  Stats can help a company figure out their weakness and strengths and can help them target the audience that will take the most interest in their blog.



  1. I agree with your post, I think this feature of WordPress is great! Like you mentioned in your post it’s a free market research tool that can provide you with valuable information. I find it important because you can alter what you may or may not be doing to make your blog more applicable to your audience. I think it’s also interesting to see what posts get more visits then others and how often your site is read. It’s always good to find out that someone is listening. I find your blog very informative, especially for the public relations professional. Thanks for your post!

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