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Chapter 14: Public Relations Consulting

Chapter 14: Public Relations Consulting

Public relations consulting really began to be an industry in the early 1900’s.  At this point, the Industrial Revolution was in full swing and the large industries were in need of people who could tell them how to maintain their public image.  It started more as individuals who would be hired to consult on the different ways to handle crisis or promote their company.  It wasn’t until these individuals began to flourish that they began to build consulting firms.

Many companies hire a consulting firms in order to handle a specific situation.  For some clients that might mean developing new creative ideas.  Companies may need a new perspective on developing a promotional campaign and will bring in a consulting firm who specializes in developing creative promotional plans.  Other times clients hire consultants when they have run into a crisis.  Many firms actually specialize in going to a company’s crisis and executing a plan.

The text book lays out ten ways that will help a consultant to lead a successful presentation to a client:
1)  Plan carefully
2)  Listen first, then talk
3)  Home in on their key needs
4)  Don’t let the presentation do all the work
5)  Be careful with criticism
6)  Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse
7)  Pay attention to emotions and politics
8)  Go the extra mile
9)  Present to the individual
10)  Rehearse the Q & A

**all this information came from the book, Reputation Management by John Doorley


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