Posted by: Female Perspective | October 30, 2010

TOW: Kat Lovin

On Thursday, our Corporate PR class had a video conference with Kat Lovin who works in public relations for the Salvation Army.  Kat was there to talk to us about specifically crisis management and working for the Salvation Army has provided her with the experience that most of us students are lacking.  One of the first things that Kat explained to us was the difference between a disaster and a crisis.  A disaster is something that happens to you, it is something caused by God or an outside force that you have absolutely no control over.  However, a crisis is something that you have a hand in; it is something that you have control over and a say in.  It is important to understand the difference in order to be able to know how to approach the two different situations. 

Kat also talked about how important the willingness to communicate with your employees, customers, and media is when dealing with a crisis.  When dealing with a crisis, your initial reaction might be to internalize it.  Certainly, when you are dealing with a personal crisis you don’t think about how to best communicate that crisis with the world or a least most people don’t.  However, when you work for a corporation the right communication can make all the difference for the outcome of a crisis.  If the public feels like you are being honest and genuine and aren’t trying to hide anything, they are going to be more willing to remain true to your company. 

Near the end of the conference, Kat really highlighted the importance of using social medias.  Social media is not only a great way to make connections but to track certain “hot button” topics.  In every corporation there is a list of possible issues that could arise that he company must be on the look out for, social media allows a company to keep tabs on those issues and can give them sort of a heads up.



  1. Thanks for posting this! I really enjoyed hearing Kat talk to us about crisis management and working for the Salvation Army. For working with crisis management all the time, she was very upbeat. I thought the differentiation between a crisis and a disaster was very interesting. I often don’t think about the difference, but it’s very important. I liked how open she was with us and how genuine she seemed. Social media has come up a lot with discussions and it makes it more real when professionals talk about it and how they use it.

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