Posted by: Female Perspective | October 30, 2010

TOW: Corporate Responsibility

This week in our Corporate PR class we have been discussing corporate responsibility.  Corporate responsibility is traditionally set by the expectations of the stakeholders and also any regulations and laws that the government has set for the company’s specific industry.  Corporate responsibility is essential to a company’s success within the public.  If a corporation is seen as irresponsible it can cause serious problems for the company.  You can look back at company’s who have not necessarily broken the law, but the public finds them lacking in certain areas.  Ultimately, if the public doesn’t like the way you run your business, then they are not going to want to have any involvement with your company. 

For the public, I think they demand that companies show responsibility in the area of human rights.  Nobody likes to find out that their favorite sweater was made in some broken down, cramped factory.  There have been several cases where major companies factories have been exposed and the public was not pleased.  The public wants to know that the people working for these large companies are being taken care of no matter how small the task or how far down the totum pole the person’s position is.  If the public is not pleased with a company’s treatment of their employees, the consumer will walk away from that company.  The consumer holds all the cards so in order to avoid the public’s retribution, a company must maintain corporate responsibility.  In my opinion this can easily be done by simply treating people with respect.  If the top dogs at a major corporation wouldn’t want to work in any of their own factories then they should assume that their employees probably feel the same way.  The main focus of a corporation is the bottom line, but a company must not forget the human factor and remember that taking care of your own will reward you in the end.


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