Posted by: Female Perspective | October 30, 2010

Chapter 13: Corporate Responsibility

Chapter 13: Corporate Responsibility

Corporate responsibility means meeting the expectations of stakeholders; however, it is going beyond that.  You don’t want to the bare minimum, but instead go above and beyond the regulations and the stucture that have been set up for your corporation.  By doing this, you will make sure that you are no where near crossing the line of corporate responsibility.

Human rights have known become an essential concern within corporate responsibility.  Many large coporations have come under scrutiny by the government and the media for the abuse of human rights.  Companies need to be aware of how their employees especially their labor workers are being treated and keep their working conditions above the standard set by the government. 

Corporate responsibility can only be successfull with the communications department on board.  In order for that communication to be successful must be accurate, credible, and transparent.  The companies that do this will excel at corporate responsibility and will be able to manage the stakeholder’s expectations better.   

**all this information came from the book, Reputation Management by John Doorley


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