Posted by: Female Perspective | October 23, 2010

Chapter 11: Issues Management

Chapter 11: Issues Management

Issues management is a company’s “peremptive strike”.  Those in issue management are in charge of recognizing any problems that may arise in the business world either internal or external and then devising a plan in order to avoid those problems from turning into a crisis.  It is a form of risk management. 

Once an issue is identify it is important to prioritize the issues.  First, you have to decide the likelihood that an issue is going to occur and be a disadvantage for the company.  Then you need to determine the magnitude that the issue would have on the company that is if their was an issue how much harm would be caused on the corporation. 

The planning process for issues management follows the structure of a few simple steps.  
1)  Research/Risk Assessment – This is the part where you identify the issues that could possibly arise in the business environment.  
2)  Develop a Plan – This plan should have objectives, strategies, tatics, messages, budgets, timeliness and evaluation mechanics. 
3)  Action and Communication – Through this you are implementing certain parts of your plan and also maintaining communication within your team and the company.
4)  Evaluation – Take the time to go back and assess your results.


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