Posted by: Female Perspective | October 16, 2010

TOW: Podcasts

For this topic of the week, I listened to several podcasts posted at Inside PR.  Inside PR revolves around podcasts that are posted by three public relations experts from around the country.  Each week they talk about the various social media and public relations topics that are happening around the world; it is sort of like The View of the public relations world. 

In the podcasts that I listened too, they talked about several things that are prevalent to public relations.  In one podcast, Inside PR #194, they talked about media relations with bloggers.  Today’s public relations practitioners now find themselves pitching to bloggers as well as the traditional journalists.  With the rise of traffic to blogs, bloggers can be one of the most influential ways of getting out a story.  The problem comes with treating bloggers like traditional journalists when in fact they are not.  In order to expect anything from a blogger, you must first learn all that you can about the blogger in order to understand them.  In another podcast, Inside PR 2.21, the three co-hosts talked about a variety of things including interviewing skills, the life of RSS feeds, and the intent of social medias.  All three of the hosts were able to bring up their own topics that they wished to discuss.   The one part of this podcast that I found interesting was part of about interview skills.  The women that brought up the subject has been in the public relations’ world for years and was able to shed a different light on the interviewing process.

After spending a significant amount of time listening to podcasts, I have to say that I was not all that impressed.  I understand that listening to podcasts can certainly be useful, but a lot of it seemed repetitive.  For example, Inside PR has thousands of podcasts posted and a lot of what they talk about had already previously been stated.  I would never say to completely rule out podcasts as a viable way of learning more, but for me personally, I don’t think it was totally my thing.


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