Posted by: Female Perspective | October 14, 2010

Olympic Moments 2

Alright so for whatever reason I am really missing the Olympics so I am again looking back at some of my favorite Olympic moments.  One of my favorite sports is swimming especially with the rise of Michael Phelps.  Watching Michael Phelps swim is one of the most dramatic events you will ever witness.  In Phelps’ epic race towards winning the most Olympic gold medals in the history of the Games, he faced some adversity.  In his seventh event in Beijing, the 100 meter butterfly, Michael went up against Serbian Milorad Cavic.  While watching the short race, it appeared as though Cavic might have beat Phelps and therefore robbing him of his moment in history.  However, Phelps was able to beat Cavic by a literal finger tip.  It was one of the most exciting races ever witnessed.  I remember I was sitting in a hotel room in West Virginia jumping up and down on my bed in excitement.  Whew! Just thinking about it gets me all excited. 


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