Posted by: Female Perspective | October 12, 2010

How Far They Fall…

This past weekend some upsetting news came about sports icon, Brett Favre.  Favre has long been the face of the NFL.  Personally, he was probably the first player that I ever really knew anything about.  He has had a reputation as a family man, much like Tiger Woods once did.  However, also like Tiger Woods, this weekend women started coming out of the cracks of Brett Favre’s life.  Reports are quickly popping up that allege that Favre was sending inappropriate text messages and having sexual contact with a sideline reporter in New York.  Since the first report, there have been more women surfacing.

As of right not, Brett has not commented on the reports and neither are the women that are being linked to him.  However, it still mars the image that the Favre faithful have of him.  It is sad to see these men that we place so high on a pedestal fall so drastically.  It is situations like this that remind us that these athletes are just humans and that they make stupid mistakes as well.  It is unfortunate for their families that their mistakes have to be plastered all over the news.    In this case, we will just have to wait and see how this one unfolds and what is going to happen to one of the world’s most beloved sports stars.


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