Posted by: Female Perspective | October 10, 2010

Maybe it was just a slow news day

This week blogs buzzed about one big story: the new Gap logo.  I know that does not really seem like that big of a deal, but apparently the change of logos at the overpriced clothing store drastically changed people’s lives.  People were taking to their blogs to express their opinions on the “silly” new logo. There is even a Twitter page that is devoted to writing from the perspective of the logo.  People’s reactions are a little out of control. 

However, in my opinion, the new Gap logo is a conundrum.  Why would you change a logo that is internationally known? It does seem strange to me to take something that is probably one of the easiest recognized logos in the world and decide to totally change it; and, not only that but the new logo is dated.  He doesn’t have a new fresh look to it which I would think the only reason to redesign a logo would be to give it a new fresh look.   

So I guess I am one of those people who take the time to blog about a logo.  I guess it must be a slow news day.


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