Posted by: Female Perspective | October 9, 2010

TOW: Learning from Other’s Blogs

Naked PR is a public relations blog maintained by Jennifer Mattern.  The blog motto states, “Truth Not Charm” and is dedicated to bringing blunt honesty to the world of online public relations.  Through skimming her posts, you can tell that Jennifer finds a lot wrong with public relations today and is on a one woman mission to fix the industry.  In most of her posts, she focuses on attempting to answer the questions that many public relations practitioners are facing in today’s industry. 

In her various articles including “Want to Buy My Opinion? Just Try It” and “Mommy Blogger Mayhem – Just a Few Quick Thoughts”, Jennifer presents her thoughts in a blunt and often crass manner throwing in a few curse words.  She makes her opinion incredibly clear and in no way beats around the bush.  Although she has strong opinions, Jennifer does also back up her claims.  Opinions mean nothing if the support is not there and Jennifer makes sure to provide that support.  Mattern also welcomes reader’s comments but those who wish to comment should be warned.  If you disagree with any of her statements, Jennifer is not afraid to get in it with you over her opinion.  She is one, feisty opinionated lady. 

In reading this blog, something became very apparent to me.  First, it is important to search through other public relations blogs because you never know what you are going to learn.  It may surprise you what you find on some random person blogs.  You can be inspired or even make a new connection in the industry.  Second, even if you do not agree with the blogger’s opinion do not completely discredit their blog.  Just because you do not share the same views does not mean that you cannot learn something from them.  In many ways, it is important to understand the oppositions viewpoint so that you are better able to work with people that may think the same way.      



  1. Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for mentioning NakedPR. As for disagreements, over the years I’ve found that some of the people I’ve disagreed with the strongest have become some of my closest friends and colleagues. If I think someone makes a BS point or doesn’t back up their opinions and claims, you’re right in that I’ll call them out on it in the comments. But when people make well-reasoned arguments, I’m all for having them on any of my blogs. I think the biggest thing I hope people were able to take from NakedPR is that it’s important to be able to think critically when it comes to issues in public relations and social media. Without that, you’re just another Kool-aid-drinking, back-patting sheep in the circle jerk train that a few of us like to refer to as the “PR Blog Party” (as per another old NakedPR post). 😉

    By the way, was officially retired nearly a year ago. It’s being relaunched with strictly a social media focus at The new site is launched and the NakedPR archive has already been moved over. Those old posts and links will be redirected to the new site this week. I hope we get just as many comments, discussions, and debates as we did under the NakedPR name. 🙂

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