Posted by: Female Perspective | October 7, 2010

Women in Sports

Growing up, I was continually surrounded boys; I was a total daddy’s girl, my brother and cousins just wanted to wrestle and play catch, and my mom was a self-proclaimed “tomboy”. Therefore, I quickly found my niche in sports and I guess I lucked out that I absolutely fell in love with sports. If you asked nine year old me what I was going to be when I grew up, I probably would have said with confidence that I was going to be the first woman in the NBA. Obviously, I am not in the NBA, but my love affair with sports never did end.

However, even though I have a passion for sports I am constantly having to prove myself simply because I am a woman. Sports is a man’s world. Traditionally sports are played, watched, and even run by men, but slowly the world of sports are changing but it is a fight. The truth is that men simply do not feel fully comfortable with women in sports just yet, but it is our job to prove them wrong.

With the rise of women in sports, there are women who are showing the world just what they can do. I know that I personally have examples of women that I want to follow and that I look to for inspiration; so, I asked a few of my friends to talk about the women in sports that inspire them.


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