Posted by: Female Perspective | October 7, 2010

Wednesday: Erin Andrews

Looking at Erin Andrews, you wouldn’t think that she worked in the world of sports.  However, the truth is that she is one of ESPN’s top sideline reporters.  Erin grew up playing sports and when she went to the University of Florida to major in telecommunications, she knew sports is where she wanted to end up.  In 2000, Erin went to work as a freelance reporter for Florida FSN and in 2001 she moved onto the Sunshine Network where she covered predominately Tampa Bay Lightning games.  In 2002, she served as a in studio host for various Turner Sports shows.  In May 2004, Andrews began working for ESPN; covering hockey, college football and basketball.  Eventually her work was expanded and she now covers everything from hockey to baseball to basketball. 

In 2009, Erin became infamous.  While in a hotel room, she was videotaped without her knowledge and the video later ended up on the internet.  It was later discovered that the man who had released the video had been stalking her for some time.  Shortly after this incident, in a separate case, it was revealed that she had been receiving death threats via e-mail.  However, through all of this, Erin has remained steadfast.  She has stated that she is not going to let anything take her away from doing what she loves.  She has become a shining example for women who have gone through similar incidents.

**I apologize for the latest of this post.  My internet was not working last night and therefore I was not able to put up this post until this morning.


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