Posted by: Female Perspective | October 5, 2010

Tuesday: Serena Williams

Serena Williams is an American professional tennis player.  Since she came on the tennis scene at the age of 14, Serena and her sister, Venus have been leaving their mark on the tennis world.  Serena shocked the world with her aggressive and powerful style of play.  Her

forehand shot is among the best in the game. 

at 29 years old, Serena has won 27 Grand Slam titles, which places her ninth on the all-time list and she still has more years to play.  Of those 27 Grand Slam titles, she has 13 singles titles, 12 doubles titles (with her sister Venus) and 2 mixed doubles titles.  Serena has also won more prize money than any other female athlete in history.  Currently, she is the World Number 1 which throughout her career she has held that title several times. 

 Serena is one of America’s strongest athletes and also a great model for other young female athletes.  Serena is proving to the world that you can be a strong woman with large aspirations, but at the same time be a girl.  To many times, female athletes are portrayed as “tom boyish”, but Serena shows the world that you can be good at a sport and still be glamorous.  With her various fashion lines, she has become an icon in not only the athletic world, but also the fashion world.


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