Posted by: Female Perspective | October 4, 2010

Monday: Pat Summitt

Much like I did last week, my daily blogs will be focus on a different woman in sports.  It may be an athlete, a coach, a news reporter, or a general manager; however, regardless of their position, these women are inspiring to the rest of us hoping to work in this male dominated world. 

Today, I will start off with the women that I find the most inspiring, Pat Summitt.  Every since I was a little girl, I have been watching Pat Summitt coach the University of Tennessee Lady Vols basketball team.  She was one of the first women to ever coach a team, male or female, at a level as high as NCAA basketball.  In 1974, she started coaching the University of Tennessee basketball team while she was a graduate assistant at the school. 

In her 36 years at the school, Coach Summitt has solidfied herself as one of the greatest coaches in the entire sport of basketball with no regard for gender.  She has won the NCAA Championship eight seperate times and has been named NCAA Coach of the Year seven times.  In 2000, she was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame along with fellow basketball great Isaiah Thomas.  On Februrary 5, 2009, Summitt became the first coach (man or woman) in NCAA Division I basketball history to reach 1,000 wins as a head coach.  She is an inspiring to coach to not only her players, but to those of us that simply love the game.  She has never apologized for her aggressive coaching methods or for her love of the game. 



  1. Thanks for writing about this topic. I think when a female does something or accomplishes something great where it may seem strange for her to be doing such a thing is amazing to see. As a former basketball player I know it’s difficult for a coach, at any level, to gain respect and loyalty. I can’t imagine what it would have been like for her just starting out as a coach. It’s great to see that you are appreciating these woman in whatever their accomplishments are whether it be in sports, broadcasting, or a teacher.

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