Posted by: Female Perspective | October 2, 2010

Chapter 6: Government Relations

Chapter 6: Government Relations

A corporation’s government relations may lie in different areas including legal, communications or public relations, or corporate affairs.  The location of the government relations department depends on the types of issues a corporation faces, the size of the operation and the management style of the head of the government relations department.  However, no matter where the government relations office resides it is imperative that they stay in harmony with the communications department and that they work together. 

For any government relations office that resides in Washington D.C., they must lobby to two different audiences: the Congress and the executive branch.  Both branches are critical in getting policies pass, but the Congress is composed of men whose main goal is to get reelected.  You must speak to the separate audiences with their different ideals in mind. 

A company that would like to contribute to a political cause, although not able to contribute to a candidate, can establish a political action committee or PAC.  A PAC is set up to raise money through personal, voluntary donations from the employees of a corporation or organization.


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