Posted by: Female Perspective | September 27, 2010

Monday: Tom Brady

Hey ladies!!!

So it has come to my attention that a large draw for many girls to sports may the hot men who play.  I must admit that I too have fallen under the spell of many a professional athlete.  I only started watching Tennis, after seeing Andy Roddick and then I fell in love with the sport.  So, in an attempt to make the draw to sports I am going to highlight an athlete each day this week that is not only hot, but is a top athlete in their sport. 

 To start the week, we will begin with one of my personal favorites: Tom Brady.  Tom Brady is the starting quarterback for the New England Patriots (which is also my favorite football team).  Outside of football, Tom is known as a California pretty boy who married supermodel Giselle Buchenen.  However, Brady’s real accomplishments occur on the field. 

Brady attended and played at the University of Michigan.  Once he graduated from school in 2000, he was drafted in the sixth round by the New England Patriots as a third string quarterback.  In 2001, Brady was required to step into the shoes of starting quarterback when Drew Bledsoe suffered an injury.  Brady took the opportunity to show not only the Patriots, but the entire football community what he could do on the field.  In an amazing season, Brady took the Pats to win the Superbowl and where Brady won Superbowl MVP.  This season set Brady up for a phenomeonal career.

In the following seasons, Brady led the Pats to three more Superbowls where they won two and Brady was named Superbowl MVP once again.  In 2007, Brady posted a record 50 touchdowns for a single season.  That same year, even after loosing the Superbowl to the Giants, Brady was named the NFL MVP.  Brady has continued to be one of the best quarterbacks in the league and the end of his career will most likely go down as one of the greatest to ever play the game.  Plus, it doesn’t hurt that he is so hot 🙂


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