Posted by: Female Perspective | September 25, 2010

Wk 5: Week of Twitter

This week was a week of Twitter.  Before this week, I used to use Twitter mainly to communicate with my family and to follow celebrities that I like; so, the introduction of Twitter as a networking tool was new to me.  The amount of people that are willing to communicate with you on Twitter without having any prior knowledge of you.  Obviously, you are not making lifelong friends on Twitter, but you really cannot connect with other people within your targeted industry.  That is definitely something that I like about Twitter over Facebook.  On Facebook, if you request to be someone’s friend without actually knowing them, you are considered a stalker.  However, on Twitter that is just part of the tool and it is even encouraged and expected. 

As much as I like Twitter for my own personal use, I found myself getting agitated with it this week.  I felt like I had to continually Twitter just to meet an assignment requirement.  I understand why the assignment was given and I definitely think it is important for those of us hoping to work anywhere in communications to know the ins and outs of Twitter, but it was a struggle for me.  I already feel like social media has taken over my life and if I want to know what is going on in my friend’s lives I have to check Twitter or Facebook, but now it is a requirement for school.  Personally, I think that the industry is beginning to rely too heavily on these types of social media.  As great as social media can be for your career, it will never replace good old face-to-face networking. 

All that being said, I understand the purpose of this assignment.  Twitter is becoming on the of the best ways to connect with others in your industry and to get recognized even in a small way.


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