Posted by: Female Perspective | September 25, 2010

What has happened to Sesame Street?

When I was a kid, Sesame Street was one of my go to shows.  I loved Big Bird and Grover was my favorite, but it seems like Sesame Street has changed since then.  In the past week, Sesame Street has come under controversy for taping episodes with singer Katy Perry and Snooki from the MTV reality show, The Jersey Shore.  Personally, I was shocked to hear that both of these celebrities were going to be on the famous children’s show.  Katy Perry became famous for her song “I Kissed a Girl” and Snooki stars on a show that follows a bunch of twenty something’s around while they drink and sleep with as many random strangers as possible.  How are either of these celebrities, and that term is used loosely here, appropriate for a children’s show?

                The Katy Perry episode never did air because so many parents were upset about the outfit that Miss Perry wore during the episode.  After seeing the video myself, I have to say I agree.  Katy Perry was showing quite a bit of cleavage and even did a parody of one of her songs that I think is too trashy.  Snooki’s episode, however, is still set to air as scheduled.  I hope that none of the children watching even know who she is or where she came from.  I would like to ask the executives at Sesame Street what they were thinking when they booked these guest stars.  How could they not see the controversy that would come from it?  Besides, there really isn’t any need to mess with the greatness that is Big Bird.   



  1. WOW!!! I didn’t know they would show this to children. I wonder why the producers and other who facilitate the taping of the show would let this even be thought about as going on the air to display to children.

    I truly don’t understan what the world is coming to these days! It seems like there is something worse to display on the news everyday. And this story is mind boggling that it would even be a thought to do something like this

    I’m in shock!


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