Posted by: Female Perspective | September 25, 2010

The Failure That Is College Football

I realized this week that I never explained to you ladies why I don’t like college football, so as it is Saturday (the day of most college games), I will try and explain it to you.  First let me start off by saying that I love football.  I have been watching the game since I was a kid and I think that I have a pretty good understanding of how the game is played.  However, college football, in this girl’s opinion anyways, takes away the purity of the game.  In college, there really is no playoff set up.  Basically over the span of the season, teams gain points for certain wins.  On the basis of those points, teams are then invited to play in “bowls” at the end of the season.  There are several different bowls that basically are just large companies who are willing to sponsor a football game.  The National Championship is usually just the two teams with the best wins from the year. 

                Now you may be thinking that this doesn’t really seem like a bad way to choose national championship teams at the end of the year.   In reality, the teams that have had the biggest wins that season are usually the ones that make the championship anyways.  However, college football takes away the whole aspect of any team can win on any day.  Without playoffs, there is no such thing as a Cinderella story.  You don’t get the small school that comes in as a wildcard, but upsets the number one team.  It doesn’t allow for the dramatics.  It is just a bunch of guys you sit around in a room and essentially pick teams out of a hat to decide who plays where.


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