Posted by: Female Perspective | September 19, 2010

The Art of the Pitch

To pitch Vanity Fair, you must first build a relationship

 In this article, the editor of popular fashion magazine, Vanity Fair, Michael Wolff discusses how he approaches the infamous public relations pitch.  Wolff admits that he often puts the pitches he receives directly into the trash.  The key for to getting his attention is to build a relationship.  It can be a one-on-one relationship or just an email relationship, but there must be some sort of repertoire there. 

Although I am just a college student studying public relations, I would assume that the greatest asset of a someone in public relations is the people they know.  Personally, I do not want to spend the day sending out sales pitches to people, begging them to write about my client or company.  By building relationships, you are creating connections.  Those connections will allow you to possibly at some point, call up your contact and pitch them a story idea without sounding like a hound. 

The pitches that we are being taught to write, I think are necessary, but also basic.  From what I have seen of the public relations world, which is minimal, in the real world, pitches need a little bit more flare.  They also need a more personal touch.  Someone is going to be more willing to listen to what you are saying and to consider your story idea if they feel like you didn’t just send out a mass e-mail to everyone in the industry.


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