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In society today, swearing has become such a norm of society. It surrounds us. Personally, I have had my own struggles with swearing and it has been a fight to clean up my language. For a long time, I thought what is the big deal? Why do this simple words cause such a harsh reaction? It was my mom who finally explained that it isn’t just the words, it is the intent. Without our intent of malice or anger, which usually follow a swear word, these words would just be a bunch of letters.

Topic of the Week #2 Comm 4333


Wow! First of all, it absolutely disgusts me that someone would do that. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a tree-hugger, but you just don’t treat animals like that. However, this post got me thinking. The police have such a hard time finding witnesses for open cases, especially ones that occured in the inner city. People are absolutely terrified to say anything about what they may or may not have seen. However, when animals are hurt, hundreds of people jump to their defense. I am not saying that how PETA utilized social media to catch a criminal is not genius, but where are all these helpful people when a human being’s life is in danger?

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This post amused me. Not in the laugh out loud type of amusement, but more in the what in the world? I had no idea that things like this still happened in our society. Obviously I am not naive enought to believe that racism is not intertwined in our soceity; however, I would never think that the color of a girls skin on a book color would make a difference. Apparently, our society still has some things to get over.

Where Is the Black Girl on My Cover?


Sometimes the communities that we take part in because of our personal interests are the easiest way for marketers and public relations people to get ahold of us. Look at Facebook, simply by listing our favorite movies or our interests, we are giving marketers access to all the information that they need. Social media is making researchers’ jobs much easier.

Which Crowds I Stand In


I would have to agree about hearing “Follow us on Twitter”. It seems like if your company is not on Twitter than you are missing out on a giant opportunity. Companies can achieve so much by using Twitter. They are able to communicate with customers and network within the industry at the same time.

TOW #5


I definately feel like social media has started to take over the world.  So many people’s main form of communication is through social media.  I feel like people are afraid to go out and meet people the old fashion way.  As much as I like my Twitter and Facebook, I strongly believe that nothing can replace human communication.  As I go out into the work force this December, I am going to take that to heart and in my search for a job do my best to commuincate with people one-on-one. 

Where do you stand?


Don’t feel bad you aren’t the only one who fights the urge for Starbucks.  Personally, I don’t struggle with that fight, but I know plenty of people that do.  My uncle for example goes to the Starbucks that is around the corner from is office so much that he has developed relationships with the baristas there.  One day, I went in with him and they all instantly new who I was.  I guess we all have our vices.

What is your weakest link?


Wow!! This sounds like it would be such an interesting place to work.  I totally understand the whole job hunt struggle as well.  I interned for a baseball team this summer and was convinced that I only wanted to work in sports.  However, upon looking through the different jobs out there, I have found that I would be open to a lot more opportunites.  It is important to not be too picky when first looking for a job or else you could miss a really great opportuinity.  Good luck!

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I never thought about Taylor Swift’s music in this way. I don’t necessarily think that the music she is writing, in her mind anyways, is a publicity stunt, but her record label would be stupid not to take advantage of her blunt song lyrics. It also makes me wonder if her blunt lyrics are part of the reason she is so popular. Do people buy her album just to hear what she has to say about her famous exes? Whatever the case, she is incredibly popular and people spend a lot of time speculating as to what or who her songs are talking about.

TSwift dating JMayer is Another Word for Publicity


I definately feel your pain. Graduating college is by far the most exciting but terrifing thing that I have ever faced. You feel like you fighting a loosing battle. However, it is great when you find a website that is seeminly tailor made for us who are graduating. I am definately going to have to go look at the listings on PRSA. Thanks for the information! Good Luck!!

Thank Goodness for PRSA


NOOOOOOO!!!! That was my reaction to the break up anyways. Even watching the video of them watching the show made my heart ache all over again. I guess not until you are on the outside watching in that you realize how invested you become in these characters lives. However, one of the great things about this show is that it has created a whole new community. People all over the world connecting through social media because of a two minute scene from a television show. It might seem silly to some, but in reality it is things like this that connect us to one another.

Glee Broke My Heart


I definately agree with you about this couple. It is actually sad because if you watch the early episodes of The Hills before Spencer came into the picture, Heidi was actually a sweet girl. Then after meeting Spencer, you could slowly see her personality change. Fame has completely changed her. Not only does it appear that her and her “husband” crave attention, but she has now gone through a drastic physical change after 10 different plastic surgeries. I am all for publicity and a publicist working to get their client out there but it makes me wonder if their publicist ever goes ok that is enough.

Publicity Wedding Or True Love?


You wouldn’t really think that toliet paper could go green, but then Scott goes and suprises us. The tubeless toliet paper is genius. Toliet paper is necessity and there really isn’t anyway to change that. Even the people who live the most green lives probably still use toliet paper. However, Scott’s new inovation has given those people another option. The only thing I would say is that Scott needs to market it a little more. I watch more television that a person probably should and I have never heard of this new product. I think a commercial would do great things and take Scott’s sales to the next level.

Tubeless Scot Toliet Paper


As you know, I myself love Glee. If someone asks me to do something on Tuesday night, I usually tell them that I can’t (I know kind of sad, but I am devoted). Personally, when I saw these photos I was a little disapointed but I wasn’t as shocked as the rest of the world seemed to be. I don’t think any of these actors needed to issue an apology. I mean have you seen some of the photo spreads that actors do know a days? This is harmless compared to that. I think people just see this three as wholesome teenagers when in reality they are grown adults.

GLEE! Family Friendly or Too Risque?


Like you I am not much of a techie, but the Ipad does intrigue me. It definitely seems like you could have everything that you access on your computer in your hand and at your fingertips. I recently told a friend of mine that I hope to have a job someday where a Ipad is almost a necessity. However, I don’t get the college students that carry them around. First of all, where did they get the money for it? Second, what exactly do they need an Ipad for? I know we have papers and need access to the Internet constantly but I don’t feel like a student can take full advantage of what the Ipad has to offer.

The I-pad…yeah it’s pretty awesome!!!


Watching the drama unfold with the Gosselins has been sad to say the least. I use to watch Jon & Kate Plus 8 with my roommate every week and we loved this adorable family and felt like the two parents had a good handle on how to balance celebrity and their family. However, when everything started to fall apart Kate took a lot of flack when she in a lot of ways was a victim. Regardless of what is really going on her life, her publicists has been able to keep her in the lime light and make sure she is bringing home the money for all those kids.

I feel bad for Kate Gosselin


Thank you so much for posting this! Just the other day a friend of mine and I were discussing how to network. It is a word you hear a lot but no one ever seems to really explain how to do it. I agreed with being prepared all the time. You never know who you are going to run into and the opportunity that it may present. Especially in today’s economy, you have to take every opportunity presented to you and make the most it.

How to make networking work for you


I definately agree with the statement that our generation has become less social.  I know personally that I often would rather send a text message rather than call someone simply because it is more convenient.  Although I think that social media has made networking easier, I don’t think it will ever replace personal contact.  We need to still be teaching that to our students.



As a “starving” college student, the new promotions that restuarants are running is music to my ears.  I love the idea that I can say to my friends “Lets go out to eat” and that doesn’t mean the McDonald’s Dollar Menu.  Personally, my roommate and I take advantage of the Chili’s 2 for $20 deal so that we can have a relatively cheap night out.  It is always good to check online for coupons to restuarants in your area as well. 

Meals with Deals


It definitely seems that more and more people are being exposed as cheaters. It is sad to see the institution of marriage taken for granted by so many people (however, lets face it, most of the time it is men). The media has especially picked up this trend and attached itself to it. For years tabloids have been claiming infidelity between stars, but now it seems that legitimate new sources have jumped on that bandwagon.

Infidelity…the new trend


Thanks for the great post! I especially liked number ten on the list.  I think to many times people let their fear take over and they forget to have fun.  We all like to listen to speakers who seem to be having fun and so we need to remember that when giving our own speeches.  However, that fun attitude needs to also be balanced with a professional one. 

TOW #11


I love that you use a John Wayne quote.  I don’t know where you got it but it is genius.  I also think that this quote can be true.  I mean you don’t want to be monotone but I hate listening to a speaker that is seemingly yelling at you.  Also talk slow because if you talk to fast people will miss things.  And definitely do not talk to much.  After a certain amount of time, you are going to lose your audience.

Chapter 14 Public Relations Consulting


I definitely think that newspapers are going out of style.  People can access all the news that they want on the Internet and can get a variety of opinions.  I don’t think it will be too long before newspapers have died out and everyone is getting their newspaper delivered to their email. 

Where do you get your news?


Maybe I shouldn’t be commenting on this post because I am a student in your class, but here we go.  Personally, I have never really been bothered by a student texting while I give a presentation.  I guess the reason for that is because I know that just because they are texting doesn’t mean they are listening.  In today’s society, students are learning how to do multiple things at once and texting is becoming second nature.  I can actually have a face to face conversation with someone while texting someone else at the same time.  That being said I definitely see how a student texting during class can give the appearance of uninterest and therfore be rude which is why I usually try and not text during class.

Don’t Text in Class…And Here’s Why


I was really glad that I found this post on your blog because I feel like these are eight things that I am definitely going to need to remember after I graduate and go out into the professional world.  I think some of these things like the way to appropriately abbreviate state names and not using the words “ladies” or “girls” I wouldn’t even think of as an error. The AP Styleguide can be the journalism/public relations student or professionals best friend.  That is one book that I won’t be selling back to the bookstore at the end of the semester.  Thanks Barbara!

8 Common Errors in a New Release


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