Posted by: Female Perspective | September 18, 2010

Wk. 4: Friend or Foe?

                Social media have become the name of the communication game.  If you as an individual are no connected somewhere online, then you are simply unconnected.  Twitter, Facebook and blogging keep people in the loop and allow them to interact with the world around them.  Corporations have the same need for social media.  However, not all CEO’s are excited about the use of social media within their company.  Many corporations have some real concerns about the use of social media.

                One of their first major concerns is the maintenance of the social media.  Who is going to be constantly updating the blogs and Twitters of the company?  In the podcast, they suggested spreading the blog duties out.  Customers do not want to hear just from the CEO or those in the big corner offices.  They also want to hear from the average employees.  Employees can give a unique view on new project the company is working on or on the atmosphere of the company.

                Large companies also worry that negative comments will be made on their blogs or other social media outlets.  They do not want to take the chance that disgruntled customers will get on their site and make negative comments that the world can see even before you can take them down.  There are a couple approaches a company can take to this problem.  A company can set up their social media so that comments cannot be posted without being approved.  A company can also take a more risky move and accept the negative comments.  Those comments can be useful in tweaking your company so it better suits your customer’s needs. 

                Most CEO’s focus mainly on their bottom line; so, they want to know what their return of investment is going to be on social media.  The answer to that revolves around priceless customer feedback.  A customer’s feedback can be used to improve your company and take it to the next level.  Without that feedback, your company would essentially be flying in the dark.



  1. I think social media can greatly help or hurt a company. I understand the concerns that some CEO’s have with social media. I honestly think that there are more advantages than disadvantages. The fact that the company is getting their name into the public without sounding too formal is very effective. This benefit overcomes any fear of negative publicity that might arise. Also, social media is a good way for a corporation to have a two-way relationship with their publics.

    Great Post!

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