Posted by: Female Perspective | September 18, 2010

Wk. 1: My Personal Preference

                As a twenty-two year old college student, my life revolves around social media.  Without the Internet and the use of various social media, I could potentially become completely cut off from the world.  My generation depends on social media to make our lives run.  It is how we communicate, get our news, and often times vent.  Personally, I do not use as much social media as most communication majors do.  Sometimes with the just the social media I do use, I feel like I spend too much time on my computer.  Currently, I do use Facebook and Twitter and with the introduction of certain classes this semester, I have been required to blog as well.

                I created my Facebook when I was a freshman in college.  That was right around the time that Facebook became a necessity for my generation.  It is a good way to keep in touch with my friends.  When I am school, it allows me to stay updated on my high school friends who are now spread throughout the country.  When I am back at home in Rochester, it allows me to stay in touch with my college friends.  It makes it easier to maintain friendships because I don’t have to spend a day calling or e-mailing everyone, I simply go to their page and write on their wall.  I will also admit that I have used Facebook profiles to learn more about people that I have just metJ.

                My Twitter account was created about a year and a half ago.  Originally, I joined Twitter because I am a pop culture junkie and wanted to be able to follow all my favorite celebrities.  However as time went on, I persuaded several family members to create accounts and it became the way that we all communicate.  While growing up, I was always very close to my father’s side of the family and when I moved away to school, it was very difficult to be apart.  Initially we used e-mail to communicate throughout the week, but that can be a little annoying to constantly be writing e-mails.  Twitter allows us to communicate on a more instant bases and it is nice to get a quick update on what everyone is up to this week. 

                Like I said previously, a couple of my classes this semester are requiring me to blog.  Obviously, I have just started, but I have to admit that I am not a big fan of blogging thus far.  However, I want that elusive A, so I am going to give it a shot.


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