Posted by: Female Perspective | September 18, 2010

Chapter 4: Social Media

“Social media has become a fundamental and widespread part of how people and organizations communicate and participate online.”  Social medias, like Facebook and the popularity of blogs has changed the way the game of public relations is played.  It make everything much more instant and accessible. 

There are several characteristics that define social media.  1) Authenticity – people long for corporations to communicate with them on a more human level. 2) Transparency – also driven by a desire for more transparency into organizations. 3) Decentralization of Authority – it allows people to interact with a corporation. 4) Speed – everything is faster and broader with social media. 5) Collaboration – no longer is just information provided, but instead people are allowed to participate.

One of the biggest mistakes that a crisis management team can make is to ignore social medias.  They should never completely over look blogs or Twitter, but instead use them to their advantage and take what they are saying into consideration. 

**all this information came from the book, Reputation Management by John Doorley


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