Posted by: Female Perspective | September 18, 2010

Chapter 3: Media Relations

There are several different types of media/public relations that a corporation must maintain.  Of course there is the more general corporate media relation, but outside of that different departments often have their own group of media relations people to control the influx.  These different departments include marketing, product divisions, regional offices, operating companies, and investor relations. 

There are four different academic public relations models:

  1. Press Agent/ Publicity Model – The main goal in this model is to get good publicity, regardless if the truth is not necessarily printed.
  2.  Public Information Model – This model focuses on getting information to the public with no regard for the self-interest of the client or the organization that is being represented. 
  3. Two-Way Asymmetric Model – This is considered by many an unethical model.  In this model, the practitioner conducts research in order to find a way to reach the client’s objective. 
  4. Two-Way Symmetric Model – In this model, the practitioner conducts research to help both the public and the client reach their objectives; considered to be a win-win situation. 

A pitch can be a powerful resource for the public relations practitioner, if you know how to use it.  A pitch can be used to make invitation to cover a story, an invitation to interview an expert, or an idea on a compelling story.


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