Posted by: Female Perspective | September 16, 2010

Sports for Us Girls

Sports, whether you are playing them or watching them, are traditionally a male dominated realm.  However, I am here to let you know that girls can enjoy playing a variety of sports as well.  There are plenty of different sports to choose from and some of them are designed specifically for certain girls.  For example, I played mostly volleyball and basketball growing up.  I liked volleyball because we played indoors and we played as a team, but we were required to have a variety of individual skills as well.  Basketball came naturally to me and was more of a contact sport.  Each girl picks a certain sport for different reasons, but there is a sport out there for you no matter how athletic you may or how much time you want to spend honing your skills.

                If you are a girl who likes to work as an individual, than tennis may be your game.  Tennis is great because no matter what type of training you have had you can play.  Tennis can be played either outdoors on your local high school court or if you are really into it you can even join a country club or gym that has indoor tennis courts.  All you need to play is a racket you picked up at the neighbor’s garage sale and a few tennis balls from Target.  It is a great sport to play with your girlfriend who may also be athletically challenged or even make a tennis date with a boy you like from class. 

                For most girls, team sports are more their style because well let’s face it, girls are social creatures.  As I mentioned, I played volleyball growing up.  Volleyball is great for girls who like to be active, but do not necessarily have the aggressive attitude needed for other games.  Volleyball in its traditional form is played in the gym, but it is also great on the beach with a big group of friends.  Although, in most games, you will not be making contact with other people, you need to require certain skills to be able to play.  However, if you get with a friend who has played and practice with them, you will be able to play without embarrassment.  Katie Maurer, 20, says that volleyball is her favorite sport to play because it is a great way to meet friends.  Whether on the beach or at the school gym, you can often find a game to jump into even if you do not know all their names. 

                If you are feeling a little bit more aggressive, then basketball or soccer may be your game.  Basketball like most sports can be played both indoors or outdoors.  Basketball requires you to constantly be thinking.  You play both defense and offense and if you do not perform on both ends of the court then you are useless.  It is a little more difficult to just pick up basketball because you need a vast amount of skills that most need to be taught.  However, it can be done.  You just need to be devoted to it enough so you can play the game the right way.  Casey Scheese, 21, loves basketball because it is truly a team sport.  You have to be in constant communication with your teammates or else you will fall apart.    

                Soccer is also a great way to get out a little pent up aggression and unlike basketball, soccer is a little easier to jump into.  However, there is quite a bit of running in soccer.  Especially, if you play on a regulation size field, you are going to be constantly running back and forth.  You definitely need to be able to communicate with your team and not be afraid to get a little dirty.  Elizabeth Sanger, 22, plays soccer not only because it is fun, but because it keeps her in shape.  She loves what playing on a regular bases does for her figure. 

Obviously, there are more than just these four sports out there for you to choose from, but these are just a few examples for you.  In order to really find a sport that you enjoy, you should tray a variety of them.  A lot of schools, churches, gyms, and community centers have programs for adults looking to play organized sports.  Go out there and give something a try and remember do not be afraid of embarrassing yourself, you are not there to impress anyone, just to have fun. 


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