Posted by: Female Perspective | September 11, 2010

Wk. 3: Eastman Kodak

For my final project, I have decided to focus on the camera company, Eastman Kodak.  Growing up in Rochester, New York, Kodak is a major part of the economy of our city.  Kodak has been a Fortune 500 company for over a century.  Kodak’s founder, George Eastman, dedicated his life to creating a stable, community conscience company. 

George Eastman founded Kodak in 1880 and worked hard to create a company that produced quality products.  Eastman was an avid inventor.  In 1888, he brought photography to the masses.  He was able to produce a small and simple enough camera that the public could operate without having a vast knowledge of photography.  From that moment on, Kodak has been at the forefront of photography technology.  Even in today’s market where Asian companies are quickly manufacturing new technology, Kodak has managed to keep pace and maintain their status at the top. 

From the beginning, Kodak’s focus hasn’t always been solely on the bottom line.  George Eastman created a company that gave back to the community as well.  Within his own company, Eastman was ahead of the times in employee relations.  He wanted his employees to be treated as more than just cogs in a machine.  Early on in the start of his company, he set up programs to give back to his employees.  He strongly believed that a company was not successful because patents or inventions, but instead based on the hard work of the employees. 

Eastman also gave back heavily to the community, starting in Rochester.  Even when he was still making only $60 and week, Eastman would give a majority of that to different non-profit organizations in the Rochester area.  After Eastman had reached major success, he gave large chunks of money to health, musical, and educational charities.  He also encouraged his employees to share their success with the community in order to enrich the world around them. 

To learn more about Kodak, click here.


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