Posted by: Female Perspective | September 11, 2010

Chapter 2: Ethics and Communication

Morality and ethics are not interchangeable words.  Ethics have to do more with a person’s behaviors.  A person’s behavior is usually public and therefore is what the public may have an issue with.  Morality has to do with why a person does something, what there motivation revolves around.  Morality is more internal and therefore is a private issue. 

Most professions have developed a code of ethics.  Doctors, lawyers, and accountants all have different code of ethics that outline what is expected of those that hold the profession.  Those within communications or more specifically public relations are no exception.  Today there are three different “codes” that set the standard for those in public relations: Member Code of Ethics, Code of Ethics for Professional Communicators, and Code of Athens.

Part of the bad reputation that public relations has received revolves around the ethics of a company or client that a PR practioner may be representing.  As a public relations professional, we must ask ourselves some questions before agreeing to represent and individual or group: Who is the client?, What does the client do?, and What does the client want you to do?

**all this information came from the book, Reputation Management by John Doorley


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