Posted by: Female Perspective | September 9, 2010

Take Your Pick


As a girl who is really into sports of all kinds, I often find myself in the minority.  Not many girls want to talk about the game last night unless a hot guy was playing.  So I find it refreshing when I meet a girl who loves to talk sports.  The two of you start talking and then you bring up the subject of your favorite teams, but she says, “I don’t really have one. I just try and stay in touch with the sport.”  To a sports fan, well me anyways, those can be some frustrating words.  One of the greatest parts of being a sports fan is following your team or player with passion and vigor.  How can you truly enjoy the sport you are watching if you have absolutely no allegiance or investment in any of the players or either team?

A lot of the time your team allegiance is decided by history.  Many families share a team that they jointly root for.  It is a tradition.  Amanda Furmage, 20, grew up watching her family’s favorite baseball team.  According to Amanda, it was like she almost did not have a choice.  Her family lives and dies by the Cleveland Indians and if she had chosen another team it would have changed their family dynamic.  Although the Indians are not the best team, Amanda actually enjoys seeing them play as the underdog, but she does hope that one day the team will make it to the World Series.    

In talking with a few of my other friends, I discovered that most of their team allegiances are based on the memories from their childhoods.  Sometimes they attended a lot of games at a local stadium or got to meet a player from a certain team.   Kristen Yap, 21, grew up outside of Seattle, Washington.  As a child, her dad took her and her sister to Seattle Mariners baseball games.  She willing admits that her team is not the best in the league, but it is her team and she must stay loyal to them regardless of their record.  A lot of her memories are tied to the stadiums where she watched the Mariners play. 

Kristen states, “Despite the often arduous seasons, I’ve always had good memories – from the Kingdome to Safeco Field.”

Katie Maurer, 20, loyalties lie with a team that many have recently become interested in.  With the arrival of LeBron James, the Cleveland Cavaliers became one of the most popular teams in the NBA.  Katie however is a fan simply because it reminds her of fond memories from her childhood. 

“We would go to games for Halloween, my brother’s birthday, Christmas, New Year’s, my birthday, Valentine’s Day and for the past 5 years we have even splurged and purchased the full season’s tickets.”

It was at one of those particular games when Katie was in the fifth grade that she fell in love with the team.  Andre Miller, a player for the Cavs at the time, while leaving the court after the game gave Katie a game ball and stayed to take pictures with her and her family.  Shortly after Miller came over, he was joined several other teammates.  Katie said that she liked that not only did they dominant on the court, but they genuinely seemed to care about their fans. 

These girls all sort of inherited their allegiance to a certain team.  However, not everyone is that lucky.  Simply find a sport that you enjoy and choose a team that you like for whatever reason.  The reason can be proximity to your hometown, the hotness of its players, or even that you just like their mascot although I wouldn’t admit that to anyone.  Learn about that team.  Find out who plays for them, who coaches the team, and if you are really want to go the extra mile look into the history of the team.  However, the key to being a fan is your loyalty.  You must stick by your team through thick and thin.  You don’t want to become a “bandwagoner”, someone who only cheers for a team because it is popular or the team is winning.  Even if your team is losing, your loyalty cannot waiver. 

Now that you have your team, go enjoy the game.  Make each game an event.  Have friends who are fellow fans over to watch the game together and eat a bunch of junk food.  Enjoy!


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