Posted by: Female Perspective | September 7, 2010

The Week of August 29 to September 6 in Sports

Every Monday, I am going to try and update you ladies on things that happened in sports the previous week.  With the long holiday week, I am just getting to it today.

In baseball, teams continue to put up a fight in the “hunt for October”.  At this point in the season, every game matters.  Players are also starting to feel the long season.   A lot of teams are facing key injuries. 

American League Standings:

 East – The New York Yankees are still 2.5 games ahead of the Tampa Bay Rays even after losing their last two games; however, the Rays have lost their last three.

Central – The Minnesota Twins remain 3.5 games ahead of the Chicago White Sox after winning their last four games.  The Chicago White Sox could take their confidence from their last seven wins and close that gap if the Twins don’t stay on top of their game.

West – The Texas Rangers remain in a commanding seven games ahead of the Oakland  A’s even after losing four straight to the Twins this weekend. 

National League Standings:

East – The Atlanta Braves are barely holding onto their lead in the division with only .5 games ahead of the Philadelphia Phillies.  These two teams have been trading the lead back and forth all season long and it will probably go right down to the wire before this league is decided.

Central – The Cincinnati Reds remains six games ahead of the St. Louis Cardinals even after losing their last two games. 

West – The San Diego Padres are currently holding a one game lead over the San Francisco Giants; however, this could change sometimes this week. 

In tennis, the U.S. Open continues into its second week.  After top ranked American, Andy Roddick, was upset in the second round many American turned to Venus Williams as the only American hopeful.  As of yesterday, the only remaining American man was Sam Querrey who will be facing Stanislas Wawrinka on Tuesday.  Quarterfinal match ups already set are Roger Federer v. Robin Soderling and Novak Djokovic v. Gael Monfils.  

On the women’s side, tennis darling Maria Sharapova was ousted by number-one ranked Caroline Wozniacki; other large players that remain our Venus Williams and Kim Clijsters. 

Although it is not yet officially basketball season, many of the NBA’s biggest players are playing in FIBA World Championships.  This week they beat Angola, Iran and Tunisia to reach 5 – 0 in the championships.  Up next, they will play Russia on Thursday evening. 

The real excitement this upcoming week is the start of the NFL season.  So look out next Monday for that post.  Wish me luck, I have a Fantasy Football Draft tonight!!!

** You may notice that I did not mention anything of the start of college football.  The reason being that I think college football is a screwed up system and therefore do not pay attention to it.  Don’t worry I will explain that at some point.


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