Posted by: Female Perspective | September 4, 2010

WK. 2: Helpful Comment Hints

Blogging is quickly becoming the universes way of communicating.  Any individual can put their thoughts and ideas out into the world for anyone to stumble upon.  Blogging goes beyond that of most traditional medias because you can directly communicate with the author.  Blog comments are an essential part of the blog community.  These comments help the author to understand not only what their reading audience likes, but what they do not like.  An author can use these comments to give the readers what they desire most out of the blogs that they are reading.  Comments also have the ability to inspire the author.  Conversation can be spurned on by someone’s one line statement. 

Even though you may think that writing blog comments is easy and routine there actually is a technique to it.  When commenting on someone’s blog make sure that your comment isn’t just adding to the noise.  Your comment should add something to the conversation.  Like I said earlier, it should inspire not only the author of the blog, but other readers to continue the conversation. 

Blog earlier rather than later.  It can be great to let others blog before you so that you can branch off their ideas.  However, you do not want to let tons of people comment before you because then you have to consider all of their ideas.  Expanding of two or three people’s comments is much easier than that of fifteen or twenty.

Don’t use your comment on someone else’s blog to promote your own blog.  Too many comments just have a link to the commenter’s blog.   Remember the comment isn’t about your blog, but the person’s you just read.  If you are going to comment, make sure that like I said before your comment is adding something to the present conversation. 

One of the greatest parts about blog comments is that it sparks healthy debate.  However, when leaving a comment that may disagree with the author, you must do it with respect.  Don’t get angry and start insulting rather express your views intelligently otherwise they will just be regarded as ranting. 

If you follow, these couple of guidelines than your comments will be more than just some random person’s words.


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