Posted by: Female Perspective | September 4, 2010

Chapter 1: Reputation Management

A company or individual’s reputation is based on their performance, behavior, and communication.  The wires of any these get crossed it can cause for a bad reputation.  However, when all three work together they can build a strong reputation . 

Reputation is a tangible, managable asset for a company.  No longer can companies take a care-free approach to their reputation.  In today’s society, companies have to take a hands on approach with their reputation, otherwise they are left vulnerable.  The best thing is to have a plan.

There are ten ways to help you better communicate on the behalf of your company:
1) Know and honor your company’s natural identity.
2) Know and honor your constituents.
3) Build the safeguards strong and durable for they are the infrastructure of a strong reputation.
4) Beware the conflict of interest for it can mortally wound your organization.
5) Beware of the “CEO Disease” because there is no treatment for it.
6) Beware of organizational myopia for it will obscure the long-term view.
7) Be slow to fogive an action or inaction that hurts reputation.
8) Do not lie.
9) Dance with the one that “brung” you.
10) Reputation is an asset and must be managed like other asset.

* all of this information came from the book, Reputation Management by John Doorley


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