Posted by: Female Perspective | September 3, 2010

Fantasy Football, Not Just for the Boys

Websites like can help you pick the best players for your team

Nicole Grossglass enjoying some Monday night football

With the end of summer, comes the ushering in of football season.  To a lot of girls, football season means that grown men will act like little boys again.  Sundays, Mondays and sometimes Thursdays become dedicated to a game where people smash into each other all to gain possession of a weird looking ball.    

These same men also participate in a game known as Fantasy Football.  Most women want nothing to do with Fantasy Football and don’t care to actually understand it.  Upon asking several of my friends what they thought about fantasy football.  They had mostly negative outlooks. 

Nicole Grossglass, 24, said, “It doesn’t really make any sense to me and anytime I ask any of my guy friends about it, they look at me like I am an idiot.”

 However, I am here to say that you shouldn’t be ashamed or afraid.  Football is a sport that many girls, like my friend Katie Maurer “love but no one ever thinks I know anything about”.  However, by the end of this article, you will see that Fantasy Football isn’t just for the boys.

Every fall I participate in a league with my family and also one with a few of my friends.  However, even though I have run several of my own “teams”, I went to my friend, Jim Richards to help me make sense of the Fantasy Football world for you.  He divided the process of creating a fantasy team into six different steps.

First, you have to decide how your team is going to be managed.  Teams use to be managed on paper and you had to do all the leg work.  Now, we have a great thing called the Internet which makes the process so much easier and more enjoyable.  Sites like ESPN, Yahoo, and CBSSports provide free software for managing and running your league.  Through these sites you can customize the way your league is run and the site will email to those you want to invite to play. 

Once you have decided how to manage your team, then you have to set up a draft.  You can either have your draft in person or virtually.  Once you have settled on a time and draft order, each team will pick players one by one.  A player can only be on one roster at a time.  Each person will choose quarterbacks (QB), running backs (RB), wide receivers (WR), tight ends (TE), kickers (K), special teams, and a defense.  Typically, you will pick 2-5 players for each position. 

Next, you need to grasp a good understanding of the scoring for your league.  This requires a basic knowledge of the game of football (if you don’t have that then you should be reading a different article).  Each site uses a different basic scoring system but for the most part the systems are the same.  Generally a player gets 6 points for scoring or throwing a touchdown or TD.  Kickers also get the value of points they score.  You can also score points based on the yardage a player gains.  For instance, a RB can get additional points for going over 100 yards and a QB can do the same if they pass for over a 100 yards.  You defense can get points for interceptions, fumble recoveries and sacks.   

Now that your draft and scoring are taken care of, you have to set up a schedule for who will play who each week.  Most leagues play a 13 or 14 week schedule as to leave time at the end for playoffs.  Usually the website you use will automatically plug in who wins each week and their standings. 

For each week, you must make sure your roster is set.  This usually consists of a QB, 2 RB’s, 2 WR’s, a TE, a K, a defense, and a special team.  Each week you are going to have to take in consideration match ups, who’s been hot, and who is injured.  It is important to monitor your players stats and game previews so that you can make the right decisions when setting your roster.  Also having your own roster, gives you another reason to stay interested in the game.  You will find that you are no longer cheering for whole teams, but individual players. 

The last thing you need to consider for your league our trades and roster moves.  It is important to know when you need to replace a guy that is injured or benched.  Then you can look for guys that have become available or for players that weren’t picked up at the beginning of the year, but are doing unexpectedly good. 

Once, you have gone through these things you are set to have a successful football season.  It can be a great thing for families to do or just a group of friends that are looking for a reason to get together on Sundays and eat a bunch of junk food. 

Nicole Grosslass working on setting up her Fantasy League on ESPN
The Cicotta Family huddling around during a in person fantasy draft


  1. great story. very informative.

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